Captain Al Haynes, The Story of Flight 232

Captain Al Haynes was born in Paris, Texas and raised in Dallas. He attended Texas A&M College before joining the Naval Aviation Cadet Training program in 1952. He was released from the service in 1956 after serving as a Marine Aviator. He joined United Airlines that year as a flight engineer and served in that capacity until his promotion to first officer in 1963. He flew the DC-6, DC-7, DC-8, Boeing 727, and DC-10. Al was promoted to captain in 1985 and flew the Boeing 727 and DC-10 up to his retirement in August 1991, accumulating over 27,000 hours of flight time. Al has been a volunteer umpire for Little League Baseball for the past 36 years and a stadium announcer for high school football for the past 30 years.

The Story of Flight 232
Quote: “That 184 people survived the crash landing of United 232 can be attributed to five main factors: Luck, Communications, Preparation, Execution, and Cooperation.”

Captain Al Haynes is one of the most in-demand speakers today. He has spoken to over a thousand audiences. Now retired from the airlines, his travel itinerary for speaking is possibly more grueling than that of an airline pilot.