Ella West, Risk Management

Ms. Ella West is Director, Customer Certification and Enterprise Risk Management and the Privacy Officer for MTS Allstream. She has been with MTS Allstream, since March 2001. She is responsible for defining, deploying & managing the Customer Certification program including:

  • Customers’ requirements for information security including: policies, processes, procedures and controls;
  • SAS 70 /S.5970 audit program including scope;
  • Customer compliance requirements with respect to other standards and certifications (such as ISO, PIPEDA, ITIL, COBIT) to meet contractual requirements.

Since joining MTS Allstream in 2001, she has worked with a wide variety of quality initiatives including developing a Balanced Scorecard and Customer Driven Enterprise Process Model. Prior to joining Allstream, Ms. West was Operations Leader and Quality Leader for APW (Allied Power) Milton operation, producing ATM machines for the Banking industry. Ms West also gained experience in Process and Software Management in the Computer Industry in the 11 years spent at Westinghouse Canada as Quality Manager for the Defence Industry Arm.

Ms. West has been a volunteer with the Canadian Red Cross for 25 years; Ella is an Instructor Trainer for Canadian Red Cross Disaster Management and is an active member of the Disaster Response Team. She has deployed in Disaster Management as Team Leader and Operations Leader in Canada, United States and most recently in Sri Lanka (for the Tsunami).

Ella West, Emergency Lodging, Shelter Management

The objective of the Emergency Lodging service is to provide, as quickly as possible, safe, temporary lodging to persons in need of this service in a disaster or emergency.
After taking this workshop, participants will understand the significance of:

  • The emergency lodging service and the services/roles required to support it.
  • The procedures required to obtain and organize the lodging facility, human and material resources.
  • Adherence to the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) guidelines for the emergency lodging service.
  • The establishment and maintenance of accurate records and appropriate reports.
  • Collaboration with stakeholders and partners to ensure and effective lodging service.